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    Emergency Plumbing

    Emergency Plumbing New OrleansEmergency plumbing repair can protect your home from extensive damage and quickly restore your water or sewer service. Leaks, burst pipes and broken water heaters can lead to shutting off the water to the entire house if you don’t have the right shut off valves. Clogs in the main sewer line mean you can’t flush or use any drains at all. Call us for fast 24/7 plumbing services.

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    24/7 Emergency Plumbing

    Your first, most important step when you have a broken pipe or a leak is to shut off the water. If you have a shut off valve on the supply side of the damage, use that. Otherwise you’ll have to shut off the whole-house water supply.

    In an apartment building, office or commercial space, leave a tag or a note on the valve so that nobody turns on the water supply before emergency plumbing repairs can be completed. It’s a good idea to turn off your water heater anytime you interrupt the water supply.

    If your problem is a clog, a sewer backup or any drainage issue, make sure that no more water is going down the drains. Turn off washing machines. Stop draining the bathtub. Don’t flush. Make sure all of the occupants of the building are aware of the problem. Then call us for emergency plumbing repairs.

    Leaking Water Line

    Emergency Plumbing Service for Clogged Sewer Lines

    A backed up sewer line is one of the top causes of emergency plumbing service calls. We are available for fast 24/7 response to clear tough blockages. For sewer lines that haven’t been serviced for several years, we recommend a water jetting treatment that will remove roots and sludgy buildup.

    We use high pressure water to slice through roots and wash them away. The water jets cut into the sludge that clings to pipe walls. Years of buildup can drastically reduce the inside diameter of sewer pipes. Water jetting scours away the buildup and helps prevent future emergency plumbing calls.

    Water jetting is completely effective at cutting through:

    • Roots
    • Grease
    • Mud and Sand
    • Scale and Mineral Deposits

    We also provide emergency plumbing repairs for broken sewer lines and any problem drains in your home. We know how uncomfortable it can be when your plumbing is out of service. Call us for prompt and affordable repairs.

    Emergency Plumbing Service for Broken Pipes

    Call us as soon as you discover a burst or broken pipe. We provide emergency plumbing repairs on all types of water lines.

    • Galvanized Iron
    • CPVC
    • Copper
    • PEX

    We’ll remove the damaged or leaking section and replace it permanently with a matched material. When we’ve made repairs and restored your service, we can inspect the rest of your plumbing for problems that could lead to more leaks. We can help you avoid any more emergency plumbing calls.
    It’s not uncommon for a homeowner to find a puddle from a hidden leak. We utilize a combination of leak detection tools, techniques and our experience to track down the source. Our emergency plumbing services team finds leaks quickly and makes the needed repairs to restore service.

    We offer 24/7 Emergency Plumbing in New Orleans, Metairie, Kenner and all surrounding areas in Louisiana.