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    Gas Lines

    Gas Line New OrleansIf you have a problem with your gas lines, don't wait to call us. Suspected gas leaks are an emergency! After you have gotten your family out of the house and called the gas company, call us and we will be on our way. We are available 24/7 for a gas line emergency.

    Gas leak emergency services
    Keep our number on speed dial!
    (504) 383-9751
    (877) 286-2564

    Gas Line Repair

    While gas lines should last for decades, they will occasionally need repairs. If water has been dripping on the line, it will cause corrosion. If the lines were not installed correctly, you will eventually need to have them repaired. We can make sure your existing gas lines are in good working order and up to code.

    Faulty gas lines put your family and home at risk. If you suspect a gas leak, do not try and investigate by yourself. Get out of the house, call the gas company, and then contact our emergency line.

    Signs of a gas line leak include:

    • Smell of rotten eggs (sulfur)
    • Bubbles above where the gas line is after it rains.
    • Dead grass and plants above where the line is buried.
    • Hissing sound near gas appliances.
    • Gas appliances are turned off, but the gas meter dial keeps moving.

    We cannot urge you enough, if you suspect a gas leak, do not ignore it! It is important to us that we help protect your home and family by making sure your gas lines are safe and working properly.

    We value the trust our customers put in our company. In return, we are always working to continue our training and education so we can deliver quality work. Our plumbers always adhere to the highest possible safety standards, so we can protect your family and ours.

    Copper Gas Lines

    Gas Line Replacement

    Gas appliances are becoming more and more popular because they are usually more energy efficient than their electrical counterparts. Gas appliances also tend to be more effective than electrical appliances.

    Not all plumbing companies service gas lines, but we do. We want to provide our customers with complete plumbing services. You shouldn’t have to go to one plumber for a dripping faucet and another for a gas line leak.

    Our seasoned plumbers can tackle any gas line problem, regardless of the size or age of the pipes. When you call our plumbing company, we will come out to inspect your existing gas lines and give you a no-obligation free estimate.

    If replacement makes more sense than a repair, we can repipe your gas lines for you. If you have issues with your gas lines, please call us sooner rather than later. Whether you have questions about gas line replacement or repair, or any of our plumbing services, give our helpful office staff a call today.

    We service Gas Lines in New Orleans, Metairie, Kenner and all surrounding areas in Louisiana.