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    Water Leak Detection

    Water Leak Detection New OrleansWater leak detection is a tough job, but we’ve got the knowledge and equipment needed to do it quickly and accurately. Whether the leak is in your main water line or anywhere else, we'll fix it!. The longer you wait, the worse it will get. Even a small leak can raise your water bill by 10 percent or more. Call now for our expert leak detection services.

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    Leak Detection Service

    As well trained plumbers we use a couple methods of water leak detection that are very effective. Inside your home, using a snake-mounted camera, we are able look deep within your pipes, behind walls and even underground to find a break. Outside leaks can be located by using equipment to monitor sound frequencies underground.

    Water leak detection is an important part of our plumbing services because it can save you a lot of time and money. The more accurately we can pinpoint the location of our leak, the less excavation we’ll have to do to repair or replace the damaged segment. In some cases, we may be able to simply solder or patch a small hole, which can often be done without tearing a room apart or digging up your whole yard.

    When water is puddling on your floor or in your backyard, that’s a pretty obvious sign you have a leak. But some leaks are not as easy to spot. You may only be able to notice them by the sound they make or by a big jump in your water bill. You aren’t a professional plumber, but don’t doubt your instincts. If you think you might have a leak, call right away for our water leak detection and plumbing services. Water damage can be expensive and devastating.

    Undetected water left standing can rot away your building materials, encourage insect infestation, bolster mold growth and damage your foundation. Don’t hesitate to call us! Water leak detection can save you thousands of dollars.

    Plumbing Leak Detection

    Emergency Water Leak Repair

    Understanding why you have a leak is an important part of fixing the current problem and eliminating future problems. Water lines outside of your home are vulnerable to being overtaken by tree roots. A tiny leak or any amount of vapor off of the line can attract the root. Burrowing its way inside to reach the water source, you will then have a major water line break. The yard above this may always seem damp and droopy due to the constant moisture. Water leak detection can help determine exactly where the leak is underground.

    If you have an older home with old pipes to match, you are more at risk. Galvanized steel and copper pipes can deteriorate and rust due to the water chemistry. PVC pipes are more vulnerable to shifting earth and tree root infiltration. Even poor installation can lead to seals and seams bursting. Water leak detection by a qualified plumber can find major and minor issues quickly.

    When you suddenly have water flooding your home, you can’t wait overnight or over the weekend for help. First, shut off the main water source to your home to prevent further damage. Then call us. Our water leak detection can quickly locate the source of the problem. We will then discuss with you the options. Whether repairs will cut it or you need part or all of a pipe replaced, we’ve got the equipment and resources to get the job done.

    We offer Water Leak Detection in New Orleans, Metairie, Kenner and all surrounding areas in Louisiana.