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    Water Lines

    Water Lines New OrleansWater lines in your home are usually relatively trouble-free. When they leak, break or when they simply need replaced due to aging or a remodel, a professional plumber is your best bet. If you are adding a new tub or laundry hookups, you want to be sure that the work is done right the first time. Call us for a drip-free installation every time.

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    Water Line Repair

    Whether you need new water lines for a kitchen makeover or you have an emergency plumbing issue with broken pipes, we offer fast and affordable repair,

    Have you seen unexplained puddles in your yard or your basement? Are your water bills suspiciously high? Undetected moisture could be damaging your home. Damp structural materials are susceptible to rot and they can promote the growth of mold in your home. Let us check for hidden leaks in your water lines.
    No matter what type of water lines you have in your home, call us for simple repairs or complete replacement.

    Galvanized Iron - Older iron pipes are probably corroded and will have to be replaced eventually.

    CPVC -This type of plastic pipe is inexpensive and durable as long as the initial installation was proper.

    Copper - Extremely reliable, though it can develop pinhole leaks.

    PEX - This flexible and tough water line is increasingly the choice of home builders and homeowners. It is only somewhat new in this country, having proven its durability for years in other countries around the world. Most commonly used with a manifold distribution system.

    We are the plumbers with the experience and the tools to quickly repair big or small leaks in all types of water lines.

    Installing Water Lines

    New Water Line Installation, Relocation

    Whether you are doing major renovations or just adding new fixtures, we can place water lines anywhere you need them. If you’ve been considering a bath remodel, but don’t want the mess and the disruption, consider the advantage of an upgrade of just tubs and sinks. We can install a stylish basin or add an additional one to a couple’s vanity countertop.

    Don’t think that you are stuck with your current style of tub. We can relocate your water lines for a roomy free-standing model for long soaks. Or consider a space-saving corner whirlpool spa. We can carry out this type of installation with minimal disruption, usually in less than a day.

    In the kitchen, also you don’t have to live with the choices that a previous homeowner or the home builder left you with. If you would like a chef’s sink on your kitchen island, or a fashionable new basin to replace an economy model, we can place the water lines with no muss or fuss.

    We install replacement water heaters and we can easily reroute the water lines if you would like a different use of your space. We also provide emergency plumbing repair. Count on us for plumbing services for a total remodel or for simple upgrades

    We service Water Lines in New Orleans, Metairie, Kenner and all surrounding areas in Louisiana.