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    Plumbing Services

    From toilet repair and drain cleaning to water heater repair and leak detection, we offer a wide range of plumbing services. While some plumbing issues are a minor irritation, some can cause expensive damage. Our plumbers determine the problem quickly and offer you affordable solutions. Call us today for a free estimate.

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    New Orleans Plumbing Services

    Plumbing Fixture Repair

    From your kitchen to your bathroom and beyond, our plumbers can expertly repair, replace and install any of your plumbing fixtures. Faucet repair is typically a simple, quick fix that involves replacing a washer, O-ring, or the seat. It’s not an expensive plumbing service and it can save you money on your water bill by preventing that annoying drip.

    A running toilet can be a water waster as well. Whether yours is running or clogged, we carry the equipment we need to fix it right away. While fixing a running toilet is almost always a simple task, unclogging a toilet can take some time. Fortunately, we use a method called water jetting that can eliminate many clogs while cleaning the pipes. It’s also effective in cleaning out garbage disposals that are backed up.

    Whether the flywheel in your garbage disposal is jammed or your toilet is leaking, our plumbers are available any time, day or night, to make fast repairs. When repairs won’t cut it, we offer a wide selection of plumbing fixtures suitable for replacement.

    Clogged Drain Cleaning

    Water jetting is a really efficient method of drain cleaning. It uses high-pressured water to clean the buildup off of your pipes. Whether in the kitchen, bathroom or your main water and sewer lines, buildup happens and can cause serious clogs and backups. Water jetting sweeps away any debris and gives your pipes a fresh start. Not only can this plumber clear up a current clog, it can help prevent future ones from forming for quite some time.

    New Tankless Water Heater

    Water Heater Repair

    Not having hot water is an inconvenience you don’t have to bear. With our 24/7 repair service, we can handle a variety of problems whenever they strike. The most common ways to tell you need hot water heater repair are: suddenly not having hot water or water not getting as hot as usual, crackling or popping sounds, boiling water sounds, and leaks.

    Sewer, Water, & Gas Lines

    When sewer lines become clogged, the backups are a health hazard. Especially common in older homes with lines that haven’t been maintained by a plumber recently, we get rid of the cause of the clog while cleaning the line to prevent future problems. Through water jetting, we can cut through tree roots and other debris to leave your line unobstructed. The high-pressure water also sweeps away the grimy buildup that narrows the pathway and enables future clogs.

    Water lines are responsible for bringing fresh water into your home. Puddles in your yard and unusually high water bills are big indicators of a break in that line. Through our leak detection plumbing services, we can locate the leak and make quick and less invasive repairs.

    Because many water heaters use gas as a fuel, knowing how to install, repair and replace gas lines is a must. We can repair a line when you have a leak or move the line so that you can place an appliance elsewhere in your home. Just because we’re a plumbing service doesn’t mean we only do this for water heaters. We can perform gas line work for any appliance like stoves and grills, furnaces and spas.

    Leak Detection
    Leaks don’t have to be big to do a lot of damage. An undetected leak behind your walls can leave the moisture needed to spur mold growth and wood rot. If you suspect a leak inside or outside of your home, our plumbing service specialists can use specialized equipment to quickly and accurately determine the location. The more accurately the leak is detected, the less excavation your property will have to endure for a broken pipe repair. This will save you time, money and a mess.

    We provide plumbing services in New Orleans, Metairie, Kenner and all surrounding areas in Louisiana.